65 foot dragon for sale

Green dragon eye

It's what every home needs: a 65 foot tall dragon called Pugin. He is made of fibreglass and has lived at the bottom of Steve Fletcher's garden in Cardiff for the last five years. He occupies a spot that his wife had earmarked for a vegetable patch, and finally she has insisted that the enormous sculpture should make way for the veg.

It's an impressively weird thing to be on sale, but at any given moment there are plenty of oddities on the market.%VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%
Fletcher, a 53-year old from Ely, told Wales Online that as founder and artistic director of SWICA, a Cardiff carnival company, he was researching dragons for an event in 2009 when he heard that Pugin was about to be scrapped.

At that time he was making regular appearances at a Newport nightclub, with lasers shooting out of his nostrils and the DJ standing in his belly. Fletcher said he had bought him in a 'moment of madness'.

Fletcher's dragon has been rejected by a number of Welsh firms. The Metro suggested it could be purchased by a particularly keen Game of Thrones fan.

Unusual sales

It's hard to guess where the buyer for an enormous fibreglass dragon is going to come from. However, you'd be surprised at the things that find a buyer. We found five of the oddest things on sale through eBay right now.

1. Speedo, single chubby mate
With the auction about to end, 12 bids have pushed the price of this lot to £16. Speedo is apparently single, and his friend has offered him to the highest bidder (although if any money changes hands it will go to charity). The winner will get to go on a date with him, where they are promised they may: "get drunk, talk about films, music and total nonsense". In listing his attributes they came up with the fact he is 'house trained' and that he 'Loves cooking, especially bacon and suet.'

2. A taxidermy hamster
A stuffed pet hamster (with all the paperwork to prove it died of natural causes). For those who like their stuffed dead animals in comical poses, this one features a mini pair of sunglasses and a mini beer can, and is posed to look as though it has a hangover. The seller has added that it would make an unusual gift - although as yet no-one has stumped up the £26.99 asking price.

3. A McDonalds Chip shaped like a Nike swoosh
It's a bit of a stretch to see what the seller is getting at - which could explain the fact that there are no bids on the chip so far - despite the offer of secure postage.

4. A pretty poor photograph
The seller has listed it as 'A picture of me in Dublin, September 2008'. Other than that there is no explanation other than the words 'Any questions please ask." The photo is of a middle aged man with a security badge, standing in formal gardens, with the sun and a smudge on the lens producing a spectrum which partially obscures the picture. Inexplicably, no-one has offered the 1p starting bid. A second listing offers the same photograph but with an autograph. Again there are no takers.

5. A land train
The Thomas The Tank Engine train was apparently built for a young fan - although it was once used by a local school for their summer fair. The seller said: "The young man for whom it was built has grown up and would prefer to drive a car now." He's asking just £5,250.00.

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