Amazingly stupid driving captured on video

The advent of social media and online video portals has inevitably seen some of the biggest idiots in society come to the fore.
This fact is particularly pertinent when it comes to driving, especially when you consider the number of silly folk snapping 'selfies' while behind the wheel and uploading it to Instagram or the shocking amount of individuals filming themselves racing through busy city streets on dash-mounted cameras.

Russia is usually a reliable source for videos of this nature but recently, countries such as Brazil and China have supplied some contenders for the world's daftest individuals.

Although is unclear where the video below came from, it follows two reckless individuals as they career busy streets somewhere in Asia. The passenger is clearly petrified as they narrowly miss other vehicles but he attempts to play it cool by swearing in broken English.

Click play on the video below and be prepared to wince.

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