Driver who crashed train at Chicago airport station is sacked

A train driver has been fired after 'falling asleep' before crashing a commuter train at Chicago's O'Hare international airport station.

More than 30 passengers were injured in the crash and a CCTV image showed the eight-car train hurtled up an escalator.

The woman, 25, had been working as an operator for two months, the BBC reports.

She reportedly admitted that it was not the first time she had dozed off.

Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) spokesman Brian Steele confirmed she was fired on Friday.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said the unnamed train driver was working 60 hours a week, the Independent reports.

After the crash in March, the CTA said "an incident of this severity is sufficient for termination."

The driver's union said she worked a lot of overtime and was exhausted.

Steele said: "Even though we don't know what role fatigue played ... we took a comprehensive look at our scheduling and have opted to make these changes proactively."

There were no serious injuries in the crash.

In 2012, a train driver said he was unfairly dismissed - after eating a cake containing cannabis without even realising it.

Barry Burnett was awarded a £2,300 payout for being sacked from his £22,000 a year job with Southeastern trains after failing a drug test at Victoria Station.

Mr Burnett confessed to taking drugs in the past, but said this time around he had been to the funeral of an old friend's father, and had unwittingly eaten hash cakes.

His friend of 25 years, Alison Thompson, confirmed 'traditional delicacies' containing cannabis resin had been served.

Mr Burnett said he did not know the food contained cannabis, although bosses were sceptical of his "unconvincing excuse".

A central London employment tribunal ruled that a letter from Ms Thompson meant that "no reasonable employer" could reject his claims completely.

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