Gardening jobs for April

Caroline Cassidy
April gardening jobs
April gardening jobs

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After a washout winter, the warmer spring weather heralds a busy time for gardeners. Though we will almost inevitably see some April showers, hopefully we will not have to endure any more bad weather, and there is plenty to be getting on with in the garden, come rain or shine.

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If your lawn is looking a little the worse for wear, now is the perfect time to sow new grass seed, returf or repair bald patches. If you are laying new turf, take care to stagger the joints (picture a brick wall) and work from boards, spreading your weight to push the turf gently and evenly into place. Even established lawns could do with a bit of extra care in spring, so feed your grass with a slow-release fertiliser to give it a helping hand.

With the ground beginning to warm up, you can start to sow veg such as salad, beetroot, seed potatoes, onions and shallots, as well annual herbs like dill and rocket. Half hardy annuals like squash can also be sown but it's best to sow in pots and keep them under cover for now.

As spring takes hold, some plants need an extra feed to support their new growth. Shrubs and roses will snap up a feed at this time of year, with roses in particular benefiting from a foliage feed every three to four weeks. Also feed any citrus plants that you have in your garden, and don't forget those houseplants, which require increased watering as the heat of the sun grows stronger and the days longer.
The British weather is predictably unpredictable, and there is still a chance of a late frost even in April. If you get word of a frost on the way, be sure to protect blossoming fruit trees with a layer of fleece, and do the same for any potatoes that may have broken ground.

Roses, climbing plants and fragile new growth will need support as they grow, and it is best to do this earlier rather than later as it's all too easy to damage plants when they're bigger. Your roses and climbing plants can be tied in, and smaller plants staked.

Are you a keen gardener? What are you tips for April gardening jobs? Leave your comments below...