Dorset Police releases shocking motorbike crash footage

Dorset Police

Traffic officers from Dorset Police have released shocking footage of a motorcycle accident in a bid to warn others to stay alert when overtaking traffic.
The film, captured on the dashboard-mounted camera of a patrol car, shows a biker overtaking a line of slow-moving traffic, before colliding with a car that had emerged from a side junction.

The 30-year-old rider suffered extensive injuries, including a spinal fracture and a broken leg. Luckily, he is expected to make a full recovery after spending three weeks in hospital.

Dorset's chief traffic officer, Inspector Matt Butler, told the Western Gazette: "The motorcyclist was travelling far too fast for the road conditions, resulting in a really nasty collision.

"We have released this video as a warning to other motorcyclists. Please drive carefully and responsibly. If you don't, you too could end up with serious injuries or even killed."

The practice of 'filtering' – overtaking slower moving traffic – is a perfectly legal practice for bikers, provided it is done safely. Dorset Police continued its warning:

"I urge all bikers when they filter to do so at a speed at which you are able to stop if anything pulls out in front of you. The motorcyclist in this video may have avoided the car had he been travelling at more appropriate speed."

Click play to watch footage of the crash below.

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