Cheese makers in milk bath goes viral


Fresh emmental cheese, close-up

Employees at a cheese factory in the Siberian city of Omsk were apparently a bit bored at work, so stripped off, jumped in a bath of milk, took photos, and uploaded them to social media.

Unfortunately for them, the photo went viral, and now they are facing a criminal investigation.

The most popular of the photos shows six employees, wearing nothing but shorts, in a vat of milk. It was given the caption "Actually our work is pretty boring.".

After the photo went viral, the food watchdog immediately banned cheese from the factory, and last Thursday a court closed the factory down for 40 days. According to Business Insider, the factory sold more than 49 tons of its cheese this year in 14 cities.

According to The Telegraph, Russian officials confirmed there would be a criminal investigation which could lead to jail for the factory's managers. They said in a statement: "It has already been established that the liquid that the factory workers were bathing in was the raw milk that was used for making the cheese."

Not the first

They are not the first to have landed themselves in hot water at work because of a photo on social media.

Last summer a charity worker from South Wales was sacked after footage of him wrestling a shark on an Australian beach went viral. He was hailed as a hero, but his bosses were unimpressed because he was on long-term sick leave with stress at the time.

Last October a woman in Michigan was fired after choosing an offensive fancy dress costume for Halloween, wearing it to work, and posting photos on Twitter. She had chosen to go as a Boston Marathon victim.

In 2012 a police inspector from Northamptonshire was sacked after posting a picture of his genitals on Facebook. He had apparently been trying to send the photo as a text to his girlfriend and accidentally pressed the wrong button. Colleagues spotted it and reported him.

Back in 2009 seven doctors and nurses from Swindon's Great Western Hospital were suspended for following the fashion for posting photos of people lying down at work. Their poses included lying face-down on resuscitation trollies, ward floors and the hospital's helicopter pad.