Woman gets stuck in a drain in Dover: firefighters come to the rescue


A teenage girl had to be rescued by firefighters after getting stuck in a storm drain in Dover.

Rescuers were called to the residential street at 7pm on Wednesday after Ella Birchenough, 16, appeared to be stuck in a tight spot.

Crews from the Kent fire service were able to free Ella within 10 minutes of arrival at the scene.

Photos were of the rescue were uploaded to Twitter, and one read: "Firefighters freeing teen from drain in Eaves Road today. Cover may have been missing, and she fell in."

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, a spokesman said the woman had not suffered any injuries, although she undoubtedly had a slightly bruised ego.

Ella has now spoken out about the incident, and said she dropped her Blackberry down the drain and became stuck after trying to retrieve it.

Speaking to the Kent Online, she said: "I was talking to somebody and I went to put my phone in my pocket and it fell down the drain.

"I thought to myself 'I'm not leaving this' and I jumped down to get it. I wasn't really even stuck, I just need somebody to help lift me out but my mum got all panicky.

"When they pulled me out I ran straight home and jumped in the bath. I think it was just water but I wasn't taking any chances.

"I was just laughing the whole time, I have seen the funny side of it. You just have to laugh along with it."

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