Woman killed by shark at popular beach in Australia



A woman has been attacked and killed by a shark after an early-morning swim at a popular beach spot in Australia.

Christine Armstrong, 63, was swimming between the wharf and the beach in Tathra village, New South Wales, when she was attacked by a shark, which her husband said looked to be three to four metres long.

She had been swimming with a group of people, as she did every morning, but had turned back from the group and had been on her own when she was attacked.

It is not yet clear what species of shark attacked her, but it is likely to have been a great white or a tiger shark.

Her family said that she had been swimming at Tathra Beach for 14 years.

Far South Coast, Tathra Beach, New South Wales, Australia

According to the Guardian, a statement said: "Chris was very loved by many people.

"She was a senior surf club trainer for many years and swimming brought her much joy and many friends. She will be sadly missed by all who loved her, especially by Rob, her husband of 44 years."

Meanwhile, in Western Australia, police believe a 38-year-old man who went missing while diving near Perth last week may have been taken by a shark.

Human remains have been found with evidence of shark bites, although it has not yet been confirmed if these occurred before or after death, reports the BBC.

A shark cull was recently ordered by the WA government after six fatal shark attacks off the state's beaches in three years.

The ruling says that any shark more than three metres long, which could be a great white, tiger shark, or bull shark, will be shot.

The move has prompted a public backlash, with thousands of people taking part in protests against what has been deemed by many as a pointless and unnecessary cull.

World’s Worst Shark Attacks

World’s Worst Shark Attacks

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