Video: the noise of Formula 1 through the ages

Formula 1

The adoption of turbocharged V6 engines by Formula 1 teams this year has proved one of the most divisive regulation changes in the sport for a generation. With the howling noises of the now defunct V8 engines consigned to the history books, the sport now has a new – less mighty, but arguably more technical – soundtrack.
This has led to many, including defending World Champion Sebastian Vettel, to denounce the new cars as unexciting. Indeed, organisers of the Australian Grand Prix have even threatened to bring legal action against the Formula 1 Group, saying the new aurally subdued cars would drive spectators away and aren't 'what they paid for'.

But which era of Formula 1 produced the most evocative engine notes, and best defined the thrill of top-tier motorsport?

To help you make your mind up, YouTube user and well known supercar spotter Marchettino has compiled footage of the historic Formula 1 cars, from the early V6 turbos, through to the screaming V10s and V12s, right through to the recently decommissioned V8s.

Click play below to decide which is your favourite, and whether Formula 1 has lost a certain something with its new downsized turbocharged engines.

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