Pensioner searches for long lost love to leave her his money

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Herbert Riley, an 83-year-old former engineer from Longsight in Manchester, has distributed 10,000 leaflets in the hope of meeting up with an old girlfriend who he knew in his 20s. He met Reeni at a Stockport dance hall in 1955, and the pair haven't seen each other for 55 years.

Now he wants to find her so he can leave her his money when he dies.

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The couple met when he was 24 and she was 20. According to The Telegraph, the couple danced together four times a week, and visited the Stockport Town Hall ballroom every week together.
But according to the Daily Mail, after four years as a couple, they rowed, Reeni left Manchester for Scotland, and within six weeks she had married another man.

Riley married Margaret in 1959, but sadly she died from Leukaemia in 1963 at the age of 34, and he says he never fell in love again.

He saw Reeni briefly working in Hobson's Choice bakery in Reddich in the late 1980s, but he didn't pluck up the courage to approach her. He left the area shortly after seeing her, and when he returned the bakery had closed.

Now he wants to find her before it's too late.


The search may not sound too promising, but there are plenty of couples who have been reunited against the odds.

In 2012 a couple was reunited after 47 years. They met in Cumbria, when 15-year-old Angela Shadrack was on a Guide camp and met 19-year old local Ian Hutt. They wrote to each other for three years, and eventually lost touch. They were brought together by chance when she was working as an occupational therapist and Hutt rang the office. Six months later they met up, and the couple married by the lake where they met.

However, 47 years is a drop in the ocean compared to 81-year-old Cynthia Riggs and 90-year-old Howard Attebery who got together last year - after 60 years apart. They had worked together at a marine laboratory and often passed each other coded notes, however, they never went out together. They both got married and then divorced, before at the age of 90 Attebury finally plucked up the courage to ask her out - in code. He didn't give a return address, but she tracked him down and within an hour they were engaged.

But perhaps the most impressive time apart was achieved by Bernie Bluett, who was reunited with Bob Humphries, the man she had fallen for as a teenager 70 years earlier. They had been forced apart when Bob had to leave to fight in the Second World War, and kept apart by Bernie's disapproving parents, who intercepted a letter in which Bob proposed. The couple were both widowed by the time they reunited, and in 2013 at the ages of 87 and 89 they were married.

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