Man creates 188mph remote-control car

While Bugatti and Hennessey battle it out for the title of 'World's Fastest Production Car', one man is testing the limits of engineering possibilities with his, erm, remote-control car.
That's right, Nic Case's R/C Bullet measures just 2ft in length but it is faster than an Audi R8, with a top speed of an astonishing 188mph.

The R/C Bullet is clearly a giant leap on from the toy cars children unwrap on Christmas day – it features carbon fibre wheels for a start – as it is basically a 1:10th scale model of a land speed record machine.

Nic Case has spent many hours in the wind tunnel, perfecting the plastic bodywork so it reaches optimum downforce and drag co-efficiency levels, while tuning the battery and electric motors to produce the maximum output.

The tinkering isn't in vain, either, as Nic has broken his own record for 'Fastest Battery-Powered RC Car' with an astonishing top speed of 188.87mph.

Click play on the video below to hear what an 188mph remote-control car sounds like at top speed. It's quite impressive.

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