Mum receives death threats after sharing hunting photos on Facebook

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A woman has received death threats after posting photos on Facebook of an 80kg mountain lion she had shot dead.

Charisa Argys, from Colorado, says she is being cyber-bullied by animal rights activists after sharing the hunting picture.


"They were calling me horrible names," she told CBS Denver. "They were saying they wanted to kill me, they wanted to see me dead, they called me fat, they called me ugly, they called me the B-word, they called me the C-word.

"You know it was definitely cyber bullying. These were not just threats but I would say they were terroristic threats."

The mother's shooting and killing of mountain lions is legal in Colorado.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman Mike Porras said: "Absolutely it's legal. It's part of wildlife management. You may not like hunting, we understand that. But there's a right way and a wrong way to express your opinions."

Argys said that a former journalist based in Germany claimed responsibility for starting the online frenzy.

In a Facebook message to the mother, Silva Wadhwa said that while she disagrees with trophy killing, "I do not and will not ever condone or encourage insults, threats or death wishes."

But Argys vows not to be intimidated and will continue hunting.

She told CBS Denver: "If I don't stand up for myself and I don't take a position on what I feel passionate about how can I expect my children to stand up if it happens to them?"

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