Video: Instant road rage karma


Everyone hates a tailgater: that impatient chap, invariably driving a premium German saloon, following far too closely and typically making rude gestures when they eventually roar past.
Unfortunately, it's an uncomfortable situation that the majority of motorists are all too familiar with, and one that leaves little recourse but to hope the driver in question prangs their car on a future journey.

However, it seems that the driving gods were smiling on one Florida driver when she was faced with a tailgater driving an enormous pickup truck.

Sticking to the speed limit, the driver films the aggressive driver following inches from her rear bumper. This continues for a minute or so, until a passing opportunity arises, at which point the pickup driver pulls up level and angrily flicks the bird before attempting to complete his overtake.

What happens next will warm the cockles of every right-thinking driver in the world. We won't spoil the surprise but it's a clear example of karma coming back to bite him square in the backside.

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