British couple in suicide pact after one last luxury holiday

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A policeman and his wife killed themselves in a suicide pact after selling their cars and going on a last luxury holiday to Las Vegas.

An inquest this week heard how former PC Phillip Powell and his wife Vanessa were found sitting up in bed together after their holiday to America.

He had quit his job at the Metropolitan Police not long before his death.

A coroner heard how PC Powell had taken 245 days off work in just 13 months, and that both he and his wife suffered from depression, reports the Swindon Advertiser.

PC Powell had been off sick and had failed to return to work after his sick leave expired.

Coroner David Ridley heard from Supt Jonathan Morgan, the deputy borough commander for the City of Westminster.

He said after becoming concerned following PC Powell's failure to return to work, they discovered he and his wife were in Las Vegas.

They asked local American officers to check on the pair, which angered Mr Powell, and saw him send in his resignation.

Deborah Reay, of Richard James estate agents, had been in contact with the Powells about the early return of a house they had been renting since November 2012 in Middleleaze.

On 22 August, Ms Reay visited but got no answer and could see the couple's dog had urinated inside.

They managed to get inside but quickly stopped when they spotted a note stuck to a wall, stating: "Attention: If you are not the police, don't go upstairs."

The coroner formally recorded a conclusion in each case that they had taken their life while suffering from depression.

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