Wealthy man 'forgets' about luxury boat for two years


A wealthy man has come forward to claim a boat that has been floating in a Swedish harbour for the last two years - after apparently forgetting all about it.

The Norwegian owner said he had intended to sell the vessel in 2012, and thought that he actually had.

According to thelocal.se, Tomas Andersson of the Gothenburg police told the Expressen newspaper: "He was very surprised. He had thought that the boat had been sold."

The boat, worth around £65,000, had been floating for two years near the police headquarter of Strömstad, north of Gothenburg and close to the Norwegian border.

The BBC reports that Andersson added: "You have to be very wealthy to be able to forget about a boat in this price range."

Police uploaded pics of the vessel onto Facebook on Monday in an attempt to find information about its owner, and the story was picked up by Norwegian media.

The owner of the boat then saw the pictures and realised it was his.

The Norwegian, who apparently owns several companies, had reportedly "forgotten" that he hadn't sold the boat. As you do.

Although he must have been pleased to realise the oversight, he did unfortunately have to cough up rent to the harbour for the last two years.

But, apparently, he can afford it.

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