Schoolboy's message in a bottle turns up three years later - in Bahamas

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Message in a bottle Locarno, Ticino, Switzerland

A teenage boy's message in a bottle survived three years and a 1,000-mile journey after he threw it in the Atlantic Ocean in 2011 and it was found in the Bahamas in February.

Connor Corbett-Rice, 15, from Shelter Island, launched the bottle as part of a school project and received a response three years later - by email.

His note read: "My name is Connor, I live on Shelter Island. It is a small Island in between the two forks of Long Island, which extend out from New York City about 100 miles east.

"Our year-round population is about 2,500 people, but in the summer we have a lot more tourists and summer people who only have summer homes out here... I have a younger brother named Mitchell. He is 8. I also have a younger sister named Angelina. She is 5. My dog is a puggle named Boo."

According to Shelter Island Reporter, the bottle was found by a couple from Bermuda who were walking on the beach at Cave Cay in the Bahamas.

The Gracies found two notes inside the bottle - one from Connor and another from his teacher, who had tucked his email address inside the bottle for security reasons, so the finder would contact him and not the schoolboy.

Connor's teacher Mr Reardon told the New York Post: "This one takes the cake, because the bottles are supposed to go north - I'm thinking England or France.

"The wind traditionally comes from the west, so if you're lucky enough to catch the Gulf Stream, it's going to push it over."

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Schoolboy's message in a bottle turns up three years later - in Bahamas

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