Man misses payout with betting slip

Goal. a soccer ball in a net.

%VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%A teenage barman who correctly predicted 14 correct football scores partied with friends and family thinking he had won £1 million - only to find out he had used the wrong betting slip.

Student Jordan Donnellan, 19, had got 11 out of 11 matches right and was waiting for the last three results to come through on Sunday at his local pub in Consett, County Durham.
The pressure cranked up after Atletico Madrid beat Real Betis 2-0 in Seville and Stoke beat Aston Villa at Villa Park 4-1, and his final bet was for Juventus to beat Catania in the Italian top league.

A group of around 25 friends and family cheered as ex-Manchester United and Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez scored for Juve and the party went wild at the final whistle, thinking his £1 accumulator had netted him a million.

Mr Donnellan, who is applying to join the RAF, tried to stay calm and took the slip in to his local Ladbrokes where the results were checked the next day.

He says an assistant checked the results, offered him a hug and said he would have to return as the shop did not have that amount of cash on the premises and she would speak to the area manager.

But when he returned three hours later, his mistake had been spotted.

He had filled out a Weekend Result Rush - which requires both teams to score, and offers higher odds - instead of the Weekend Quickslip form he thought he had used.

The Leeds Metropolitan University student said: "I genuinely believed I was going to win £1m.

"We were jumping around and celebrating."

Ladbrokes said the higher odds offered in the Weekend Result Rush required both teams to score - and so Mr Donnellan had a losing bet. If he had correctly filled out the Weekend Quickslip he would have won much less than £1m.

David Williams, Ladbrokes spokesman, said: "It's rather like buying a UK lottery ticket then spotting that your numbers have come up on the Australian Lotto. You then claim that it's what you meant to do in the first place and then expect to be paid out.

"It was a nice try but it is also nonsense."

The most expensive football tickets
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Man misses payout with betting slip

Price - £100

The Gunners officially charged the most for tickets to their matches. These prices were only for a top band of seats, and they do have seats at a much more reasonably priced £35. 

Price - £87

Roberto Di Matteo's team demand the next highest ticket price for their performances, but also have lower band ticket prices staring from £23.50

Price - £80

Spurs are up next, and not only are their tickets pricey, the cost of a match day here (cheapest ticket, programme, pie and a tea) is one of the most expensive too. 

Price - £60

The south west London club have the fourth highest ticket prices despite being middle of the table performers, with many of their better performing counterparts offering cheaper seats. They do however also have lower priced tickets starting from £20. 

Price - £55

Fighting for the top spot in the table, United have a reasonable ticket price relative to their performance, though still charge more than their local rivals. 

Price - £48

Despite offering more reasonably priced tickets than many of the other top clubs, the cost of a match day here is the most expensive of any of them. 

Price - £47

Although they languish far from the top of the table, Villa are in seventh place, though their cheaper seats start from £21. 

Price - £45

A tie sees these two clubs, who have just a point between them in the Premier League, in eighth place. It's Stoke who has the cheaper overall match day though. 

Price - £42

It might come as a surprise to find City this far down the list. The club - who have had their fair share of controversy in the past few weeks - have relatively cheap tickets compared to their performances this year.

Price - £40

It's also somewhat surprising to find bottom of the table Wolves making it into the top ten with these prices which certainly don't match up to their lacklustre performances. 


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