Best calorie-burning jobs revealed

Caroline Cassidy
Best calorie-burning jobs revealed
Best calorie-burning jobs revealed

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A health website has revealed the best jobs for those looking to get fit and lose weight, by calculating the number of calories burned in a variety of working days.

Topping the list of most physical vocations was the job of forestry, where felling trees burned off an whopping 1,088 calories per hour. In second and third were professional diving and fire fighting, both of which burned 748 calories.

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At the other end of the scale, and perhaps unsurprisingly, typists were trailing with just 34 calories burned in a 60-minute period, while sewing and farming came in at just 68.

There were, however, some surprise entries among the list. For example, cleaning a sink and toilet burned off 102 calories, while vacuuming exerted enough energy to get rid of 136. Meanwhile equestrian are onto a good thing, burning off 340 calories just by grooming their charge. And truck drivers, though they spend much of their day sitting, expend an impressive 374 calories per hour.

But if you're planning to ditch the office job for something more taxing, a word of warning. Belgian researchers recently discovered that hard manual labour doesn't always benefit your health, with heavy lifting putting too much of a burden on the body.
Dr Els Clay, who led the study at the University of Ghent, said: "The hypothesis based on our study and other recent litrature is that physical activities done on the job usually include more static activity types which do not have a training effect on the cardiovascular system, but have an overloading effect on the system.

"If people are exposed to that for a long time, like multiple hours during the day, that can really have an adverse effect on their cardiovascular health."

So perhaps you're best sticking to the office job... just remember to take the stairs instead of the lift!

Have you swapped your office job for something active in order to stay fit and well? Leave your comments below...