Massive mudslide in the US kills eight people

Sinead Moore
Three Killed, 18 Missing After Major Washington State Mudslide
Three Killed, 18 Missing After Major Washington State Mudslide

At least eight people have been killed by a massive landslide in the US.

A rescue operation began soon after the landslide struck in the state of Washington on Saturday.

Rescuers pulled three bodies from the debris on Saturday and a further five bodies on Sunday.

According to the BBC, there are still a number of people registered as missing, but search teams have not seen or heard any signs of survivors.

"We didn't see or hear any sign of life out there today," said Snohomish County Fire District 21 Chief Travis Hots.

At least eight people, including an infant were injured by the wall of mud an debris that completely destroyed the town and covered an area the size of a square mile.

The worst-affected areas of the site were deemed too dangerous to search on Saturday so rescuers were not able to carry out a thorough search of the site until yesterday.

Some rescue workers had been mired in mud up to their armpits and had to be dragged to safety, reports the Telegraph.

The 54m (177ft) deep landslide destroyed 30 houses near the town of Oso, about 90km north of Seattle. The neighbourhood "is not there anymore," Mr Hots said.

Authorities say it was caused by recent heavy rain.

The landslide blocked the North Fork of the Stillaguamish River. The council issued an evacuation notice on Saturday as they fear that the rapid rise of water behind the debris will cause downstream flooding.

The area has recently had problems in the past with unstable land.

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