Special deals 'save £750 a year'


Discounted shopping

Britons save nearly £750 a year by taking advantage of rewards points, vouchers and special offers, according to research.

People living in Scotland are the savviest when it comes to taking advantage of special deals, saving £1,019 per year typically, compared with the average across the country of £742, according to a survey for American Express.
Those living in the North West said they save the least through these methods, at £606 on average, according to the research among 2,000 people carried out by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr).

Londoners have typically recouped £708 over the last year through rewards and offers while people living in Wales have made around £714 worth of savings.

Despite signs that the pressure on households' budgets is starting to ease slightly as the economy improves, the research also suggests people now think rewards are an essential part of family budgeting.

Only one in 33 (3%) of people surveyed thought rewards will become less important over the next five years.

Here is the typical saving people said they had made over the last year by using rewards and offers by region, according to American Express:

1. Scotland, £1,019
2. South West, £848
3. South East, £821
4. North East, £780
=5. Wales, £714
=5. West Midlands, £714
7. London, £708
8. East Anglia, £684
9. East Midlands, £643
10. Yorkshire and the Humber, £633
11. North West, £606
National average, £742
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