Freebie Friday: this week's discounts, deals and freebies

Burger King hats

Some weeks we offer healthy freebies: some weeks we throw caution to the wind and assume that you'll manage to squeeze in your five a day in between the junk food freebies. This is one of those weeks: we have free burgers, free fries, free coffee and free cakes.

There's also a cinema freebie - whether or not you choose to indulge in the popcorn is entirely up to you

Free burger

You can get a free Gourmet Burger Kitchen burger, when you pay using the PayPal app. The voucher is to the value of £6.75 - which will cover the cost of a classic burger - so if you want anything more fancy you'll have to pay the difference.

The users of explained that to take advantage you need to download the app, go to 'local', search for GBK, find the restaurant closest to you, click on it and redeem it. You'll need to be close enough to your local GBK in order to see the deal. The offer ends on 17 April but there are only a limited number available, so it's worth getting hold of your voucher sooner rather than later.

Free tickets to see Muppets Most Wanted on Sunday

According to users of, The Disney Store is offering this deal on preview screenings on Sunday - ahead of general release on 28 March. All you have to do is go into a store and say 'bad frog' to a member of staff, and you'll get up to four tickets free. A list of cinemas with screenings can be found here.

Free fries

For one day only it's Free Fries Friday at Burger King. You can get a single small portion of the new Satisfries - their low fat crinkle cut fries. You don't need to buy anything else - just walk up and ask for them. It's a nice way to save £1.40.

Free sky movies

Now TV is offering a special deal to people who try its on-demand Sky streaming service. Until 31 March it is offering new customers signing up for the movies service a free 30-day-trial. After that you can simply cancel and pay nothing. Alternatively, you can let it automatically renew for the first month at a cost of £8.99. As a reward you'll receive £20 in John Lewis vouchers and then you can cancel - giving you free movies for two months plus a £20 voucher for £8.99.

Free coffee and cake

McDonald's is offering an unusual deal, for you and a friend to get a freebie. You and your friend both need to download the app to your phones. Then look in the menu and find 'McCafe Meet up, Get a 2 for 1 McCafe voucher'. You'll need the app open on both phones and when you touch them together a page will appear which allows you to select any item from the cafe (coffees, iced drinks, cakes and biscuits). Each person will get the 2 for 1 voucher instantly and it needs to be used within seven days. There's no restriction on the number of vouchers you can apply for - although the deal ends at the end of the month.
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