Porsche GT3 owners to get replacement engines

Porsche 911 GT3

After taking the automotive world by storm, the Porsche 911 GT3 was subsequently recalled over fire issues. Now Porsche has announced that all current customer cars will be fitted with a brand new engine.
In total, 785 of the high-performance sports coupes have been taken back after two were destroyed by fires which broke out in the engine bays in both cases.

The problem has been traced to a loose bolt in a piston connecting rod, buried deep in the engine's internals.

As such, Porsche has decided it will be a cheaper option to simply replace engines outright, rather than disassembling them and effecting a repair.

A Porsche spokesperson told Autocar magazine: "Obviously customer safety is our priority. We've investigated the two situations and identified that there is a potential for a fixing to become loose and therefore we're rolling out an engine with a modified component. It's much more straightforward to replace an engine than to strip down existing units."

With GT3 engines estimated to cost around £20,000 each, the recall is likely to be pricey for the German marque. However, the spokesperson added: "We don't put a price on our customer safety or vehicle integrity."

No one has been injured as a result of either of the GT3 fires, which occurred in Italy and Switzerland and were a result of oil escaping from the engine and igniting on hot components.

Around 100 UK customers have been affected and Porsche has written to them to explain the problem and to advise that they stop driving their cars.

Porsche has not yet put a timescale on when it expects all affected models to be back on the road.
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