'There's a bomb in my bottom': Passenger arrested over sarcastic remark at Beijing Airport

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A passenger who became so frustrated with the queues at the security checkpoint at Beijing's International Airport has been arrested after saying he had a bomb in his bottom.

The man had been in a rush to board his flight and made the comment after becoming irritated at security, reports the South China Morning Post.

It led to a security alert, with passengers being moved to other areas of the airport.

The man was arrested at Terminal 3 at Beijing Capital International Airport on Monday.

After the man was asked to remove his shoes to go through the security screening, he said: "Do I need to drop my pants as well? I have a bomb in my a**."

An airport security official asked him to repeat what he'd said and he did.

The checkpoint was then shut down, passengers were evacuated, and the man was searched and taken to the nearest police station.

The search found no security threat, and the man told police he'd made the comment because he was angry at the 'time-wasting' security checks and did not realise the remark would have such consequences.

Back in November, a man was jailed for five years after making false bomb threats that affected flights in six Chinese cities in May.

And, in January 2013, and Chinese court jailed a woman for three years for falsely claiming she would detonate a bob on board her flight, reports Reuters.

According to First Post, under Chinese law, those who intentionally disrupt flights by fabricating threats, may receive punishments ranging from detention to a jail term of up to five years, or more for extremely serious consequences.

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