Homeowners spend £30k on sprucing up gardens

Caroline Cassidy
Homeowners spend £30k on gardening
Homeowners spend £30k on gardening

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Green-fingered homeowners are keeping happily splashing plenty of cash to keep their gardens in good shape, according to a new survey.

The poll of 540 gardeners, by GardeningExpress.co.uk, revealed that over the course of a lifetime, the average spend is £30,000, with the majority going on the plants themselves.

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During their life, a gardener will spend £9,500 on seeds, bulbs, bedding plants, shrubs, trees, turf and vegetable plants, while £9,000 of the lifetime spend will go on updating or changing hard landscaping outdoor.

Replacing garden furniture, including tables, chairs and outdoor lighting, cost £3,600 overall, after an average of eight changes, while householders forked out £3,500 on essential garden tools.

The remainder of the £30k went on sheds, greenhouses and electrical garden tools, and of course, barbecues.
Chris Bonnett from GardeningExpress.co.uk told the Daily Mail: "I would imagine very few gardeners would expect their garden to be costing them £30,000.

"Many of the tools and electricals can last for years. It's only plants that you need to buy every year so it's very easy to lose track of how much you are actually shelling out."

What do you think? Is £30k too much to spend on the garden, or is your outdoor space well worth the money? Leave your comments below...