Train arrives at station with dead cyclist stuck to front

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Passengers witnessed a horrifying scene when a train pulled into a station in France with a dead cyclist stuck to the front of it

The driver of the TGV train was completely unaware he'd struck the man at a level crossing, and carried him for 25 miles along the tracks.

The cyclist's body was still stuck to the front of the train when it pulled into a station in Mulhouse, eastern France.

A spokesman for SNCF, France's national railway, told the Metro: "It was an upsetting sight. The body was stuck on to the front of the train but out of the vision of those in the driver's car."

According to The Sun, the incident happened at the village of Petit-Croix on Sunday afternoon as the train was travelling of speeds up to 200mph from Paris.

The 48-year-old man was identified by the belongings on his bike, but has not yet been named.

A investigation has begun to determine whether the incident was a tragic accident or a suicide.

The SNCF spokesman added that, while rare, the kinetic energy of a train is "so great a shunt could go unnoticed".

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