Unruly passenger claims to be soldier, threatens to kill flight attendant

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A passenger on his way to rehab in Florida reportedly claimed to be a soldier to get free drinks before threatening to kill a flight attendant and forcing an emergency landing.

Orion Koshinsky, 23, was on a JetBlue flight from Boston to Fort Lauderdale when he allegedly stood up and said: "I want to make sure everybody on the plane knows that I'm in the military and you can buy me drinks."

According to The Smoking Gun, he also told a flight attendant: "I'm in the military, what can I get for free?"

New York Daily News reports that flight attendant Jeannie Piel told the FBI his behaviour changed "very quickly".

After refusing to unbuckle his seat belt, she says he violently snapped and said: "Don't touch me, I'll kill you!"

The pilot was alerted and the flight was diverted to Jacksonville International Airport.

As he was escorted off the plane, Koshinsky allegedly yelled: "I just want everyone to know that I fought - f--k what this bitch is saying - I fought for your country. Nails and, nail and toe. I fought. I did what you're asking for. I did it. What did she do?"

Authorities said he had never been in the armed forces.

Koshinsky was charged with interfering with flight crew members, a crime which carries a maximum of 20 years in prison.

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