Flight attendants' new minidress uniform an 'invitation to sexual harassment'

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A new minidress flight attendants' uniform has reportedly been raising eyebrows within the industry.

Japanese airline Skymark launched the new uniform last week, and it consists of a royal-blue dress with a high-rise hemline.

The length of the dress has drawn criticism with the Japan Federation of Cabin Attendants, which is part of the Japan Federation of Aviation Worker's Union, saying it is unsuitable for the work performed by cabin attendants, including stretching up high and kneeling down.

According to the Daily Mail, in a statement on its blog the union claimed: "Article 73-3 of the Civil Aeronautics Act states 'prohibition of safety-impeding acts,' which includes sexual harassment. The duties of cabin attendants are to prevent these (incidents) beforehand, but we are concerned that the design of the uniform might induce such disturbing acts.

"Moreover, (Skymark) is treating women as products, as it is advertising that this uniform will attract customers.

"We have to doubt the morality of the company, which should make safety its number one priority."


A Skymark spokesman said the carrier is not treating women as products and explained that the uniform is part of its campaign to promote the debut of its new Airbus A330.

He told the Japan Times: "The A330 will debut for the first time in Japan from Skymark. And the inside of the plane is very comfortable with Green Seats, which have more space between the seats. We want people to know about it, so we've adopted the (new) design of the uniform," the spokesman said.

He said the uniform does not affect the safety of the plane, and the firm has not directly received complaints from the federation.

Skymark added the miniskirt uniform will be used during the six-month campaign period starting May 31 and will only be worn by the cabin attendants who serve on the A330.

The airline will revert to its regular uniform after the six-month campaign period.

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