Warmest day of the year! And there's more spring sunshine to come

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Britain basked in the warmest day of the year on Sunday, with temperatures reaching 18C - warmer than many holiday hotspots like Greece and Ibiza.

Looking ahead to next week, the balmy weather will continue, although it will get a little cooler before getting warmer again with 17C by Friday.

Leon Brown, meteorologist at The Weather Channel, told Aol Travel: "A cold front will move south on Monday next week so it will become colder again for a while, but high pressure will then build.

"With clear skies we can expect chilly nights and patchy frost and fog, but by day it will feel lovely in the March sunshine. Afternoon temperatures will steadily lift after a colder start to the week.

"By mid-week afternoon temperatures will reach 13 to 14C and 15 to 17C again by Friday."

However, Leon warned, we should make the most of it because cooler weather will return after next weekend.

He added:"It looks like from next weekend the pattern will revert back to the windier, wetter and unsettled westerly we had to endure in February."

Tourists looking to enjoy Sunday's sunshine have been warned to stay away from one spot in particular, however.

A series of cliff collapses at Birling Gap in East Sussex is expected to draw curious crowds as the sun comes out, but the Maritime and Coastguard Agency urged walkers to take extra care and heed warning signs in place.

A spokesman told the BBC: "Some sections of the coast are particularly vulnerable to cliff falls and landslips.

"We are advising the public to take great care when walking on cliff paths or along beaches."

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