'A gamekeeper shot my phone': the strangest gadget stories revealed

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%VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%We've all heard the classic "my dog ate my homework" excuse but has anyone ever told you that their dog ate their phone?

Gadget insurer Protect Your Bubble has revealed some of the strangest ways gadget owners have seen their mobile phones broken or lost - some so bizarre you might not even believe them.
Strangest gadget stories revealed
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'A gamekeeper shot my phone': the strangest gadget stories revealed
I was out shooting one day when my mobile phone rang. The gamekeeper confiscated it, threw it into the air and gave it both barrels of a 12 bore shotgun!
I was doing an aqua aerobics class, but left my phone in my pocket and didn’t discover it had been underwater for about half-an-hour. I decided that I would try and dry it in a sauna. Once dry I turned it on and it gave a couple of feeble flashes before dying completely.
My grandson thought it was not right for my phone to be left out on a cold day on the kitchen table instead of being put away in its cover, so he put it in the microwave to warm it up. He set the microwave on full power for an hour but it blew up long before that, along with my Samsung Galaxy.
I jumped into a swimming pool to escape a wasp, unfortunately with my mobile in my hand.
I was on holiday in Egypt and, after sunbathing for 20 minutes, I decided to go for a swim in the ocean, forgetting I had put my mobile phone in my cleavage for safekeeping. I didn’t notice until I’d been in the sea for 10 minutes, and by that time my phone had stopped working.
I went shopping for a frozen turkey and as I leaned in to try and lug a very large bird from the supermarket freezer my phone fell out of my pocket and into the bottom of the freezer. I could not reach it and had to go and seek help from a sales assistant who was taller than me. When we returned to the freezer, my phone had gone!
I once left my mobile on an armchair. When I returned my mother’s dog had decided that he liked the taste and had eaten nearly all of it.
I couldn't find my phone indoors anywhere. I went into the garden later on to find that my dog had put it in the birdbath.
My little brother took my mobile phone and destroyed it with a hammer.
My nephew put my tablet in the washing up bowl because he said it was dirty.
My four-year-old son purposely dropped my phone into a fish tank because he wanted me to buy a new BlackBerry.
I dunked my phone in my tea because I got distracted and thought it was a biscuit.
I’d had my new phone for just six days, and went to Tottenham play at White Hart Lane. Gareth Bale scored and I jumped up to celebrate whilst grabbing my phone to text my wife, dropped it and smashed the screen.
I left my Nokia phone on the living room table and went off to the kitchen to make a cuppa. When I returned my eight-month-old dog Scooby was looking a bit sheepish. About an hour later I found my mobile in Scooby's water bowl.
I was decorating our living room and had my phone in my breast pocket. As I leant over to dip a brush in a five-litre pot of paint the phone fell out and into the bottom of it.

The survey also revealed that more than one in six (16%) Brits are currently making do with broken phones - including those that have been scratched or dented, have signal problems or broken screens.

Gone are the days of the bionic Nokia 3310, a phone that could withstand any degree of hardship.

The most common claim dealt with by Protect Your Bubble in 2013 was for accidental damage to mobiles – ranging from cracked screens to faulty charger connections – with 66% of all gadget claims due to damage. Almost one in ten (9%) claims last year were for liquid damage.

So if you have ever dropped your phone down the toilet, don't beat yourself up - you're not the only clumsy gadget owner out there.

We're a nation of absent-minded gadget owners, with loss constituting almost a fifth (19%) of all claims in 2013, while 11% of gadgets were stolen.

Stephen Ebbett, global director of gadget insurer Protect Your Bubble, comments: "It's no coincidence that many of the stories which have emerged concerning the untimely death of our gadgets involve minors and dogs. It appears that technology, young children and animals don't mix. There are also plenty of phones that have drowned - be it in the sea, a pot of paint, a cup of tea or a dog's water bowl.

"Accidental damage, including liquid damage, is the reason most cited by our customers when they have to claim. You'd be amazed how many mobiles fall out of people's pockets and into toilets. Given how easily mobiles and tablets are broken, and how reliant on them we are, getting good insurance that will repair or replace damaged gadgets is well worth considering. No one wants to fork out for a £500 replacement smartphone if it's broken beyond repair."

Have you ever had a clumsy gadget disaster? Let us know in the comments below.

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