Lion saved from Romanian zoo killed by lionesses at new British home

johnny the lion killed by lionesses after being saved from romanian zoo

A lion which was saved from a run down Romanian zoo has died at its new British home after being mauled by a pack of lionesses.

Johnny Junior was injured during a fight with four females and had to be put down by vets at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, the Daily Mail reports.

He moved to the UK in 2010 and was living among four females after a campaign to help save him from Oradea Zoo in Romania moved thousands of animal lovers to donate over £150,000 and bring Johnny and 12 other lions to Britain.

A spokesman at Yorkshire Wildlife Park told the Daily Express: "Without any prior warning, the pride which included four females had a fight in which Johnny was injured.

"Staff managed to separate the other lions within minutes of the fight starting and called them into the house, where the vet attended Johnny.

"Unfortunately, his injuries were such that there was no option but for him to be put to sleep.

"This was extremely distressing for the staff who have cared for 16 year old Johnny since he arrived in the UK in 2010 and especially as the whole episode was completely unprecedented and out of character for the pride."

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