British school ski group in 'terrifying' high speed police chase



A group of 51 British school children were involved in a high speed police chase in Austria after their bus driver took them on a motorway hard shoulder claiming he didn't want them to miss their plane.

The bus had reportedly been late to pick up the kids and the 27-year-old driver had been keen that the group did not miss their flight back to the UK.

But the journey to the airport from Radstadt hit further setbacks when they came across a large traffic jam.

Police spokesman Oliver Maier told the Austrian Times: "Instead of waiting in line the bus driver moved onto the hard shoulder and sped along past all the other almost stationary traffic.

"He was spotted by police who followed him with sirens and blue lights but still refused to stop."

According to the Daily Mail, Mr Maier added: "During the chase even though the traffic on the motorway was almost stationary, the bus driver was doing up to 50 miles an hour.

"It must have been a terrifying experience for the kids. We found when we finally stopped the bus that the driver did not even have a seatbelt on and he didn't seem to have all of the professional paperwork needed to authorise him to drive the bus."

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