Facebook post costs teen's dad £50k

Facebook teenIll-considered social media updates have been expensive mistakes for hundreds of people - from those who insulted their boss to those who advertised a teenage party. Now one Florida teen has discovered a new way for social media to ruin your finances.

Her Facebook post about her dad cost him £50,000.


The post

Dana Snay, a teenager from Florida, posted about her father, Patrick, who had received a settlement from a former employer. The 69-year-old had apparently received a settlement from Gulliver Prep School in Miami over an age discrimination claim.

His daughter was delighted and posted the celebratory: "Mama and Papa Snay won the case against Gulliver. Gulliver is now officially paying for my vacation to Europe this summer. SUCK IT." The message went to over 1,000 of her friends - including a number of pupils at the school.

Unfortunately, the school then pointed out to her father that the settlement had included a confidentiality clause, which meant he was not allowed to tell anyone the details of the settlement. Because his daughter had spilled the beans, the Metro reported that the school, refused to pay.

According to CNN, Snay went to the courts to have the settlement enforced. The courts sided with the family, but an appeal judge reversed the decision.

Risks of social media

It's yet another shocking example of the dangers social media can pose to your wealth, and there have been plenty of these.

There are those who suffer a career setback. We reported last week on the woman from Newcastle who had been sacked from her job in The Money Shop for taking a picture of a footballer as he used the store to send money to his family in Senegal. Her partner posted the picture on Facebook, and the store said she had breached customer confidentiality.

Then there was 'Lindsay', who gained notoriety in 2009 after posting: "'My boss is always making me do s*** stuff just to p*** me off!!" Unfortunately she had forgotten that she was friends with him on Facebook and he fired her.

Then there are those who suffer the impact of an ill-advised post on their personal life - which ends up costing a fortune. In November 2012 lottery winner Sandra Fosbrooke returned to her £415,000 home in Carmarthenshire, to find 200 teenagers who had caused thousands of pounds worth of damage. Her daughter had apparently advertised a party on Facebook while her mother was at work.

In 2010, meanwhile, a burglary gang in New Hampshire in the US targeted their Facebook friends on the basis of their Facebook updates. When they posted that they would be out of town, the three men robbed their homes. In all they burgled 18 homes in the area

And finally there are those who end up paying directly for their Facebook updates. In September we revealed how Helen Christie ended up with a phone bill of £20,000, after deciding to upload some photos to Facebook while on a short trip to Turkey.

Social media can clearly cost a small fortune in ways most of us would never consider. It just goes to show how important it is to err on the side of caution and think before we post.
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