How to care for grey hair

Caroline Cassidy
care for grey hair
care for grey hair

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There was a time when women would go to great lengths to hide their grey hair, but it's no longer a style no-no. Just like ageing skin, though, grey hair requires just a little bit more love and attention to keep it looking fabulous, so try these tips and wear your silver with pride.

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Extra hydration
Grey hair is often in need of extra hydration as it does not retain moisture as well as it once did, and that can leave your locks with the dreaded frizz. Therefore investing in good, hydrating hair products is a must. Look for ingredients such as silk protein to restore moisture and improve elasticity, and some post-shampoo care in the form of Nurture's Replenish Nourishing Care Conditioner (£6.95), containing apricot kernel oil for shine, and vitamins B5 and C to strengthen the hair.

Texture troubles
As the grey hairs begin to appear, many women notice that their once soft locks have turned wiry and coarse. While synthetics silicones such as dimethicone work in the short term, they can make the problem worse in the long run by further drying out the hair. Instead, search the shelves for natural ingredients such as fruit or vegetable-derived oils and butters, mineral oils or proteins that will soften rather than coat your hair.

Silver sheen
Another common problem with grey hair is it's lack of shine, which can lead to limp and lifeless-looking locks. There are an increasing number of products on the market designed to tackle this very problem, though. Philip Kingsley's Pure Silver Conditioner (£18) is specifically designed to give your greys a brightening boost, while White Hot Hair is really making a name for itself with its range of products for grey hair, including its shine-giving Glorious Shampoo (£12), and Lifeshine Oil for a high-gloss boost.

Shades of grey
Grey hair occurs when the hair follicle ceases to produce melanin, the chemical that gives your hair its colour. These colourless strands are more porous than their blonde, red, black or brunette predecessors, and that means they more easily absorb nasties in the environment such as smoke and pollution, giving it a yellowish tinge. Combat the nicotine-stained look with a shampoo with a touch of added colour, like L'Oreal's Professional Serie Expert Silver Shampoo (£8.10), or Trevor Sorbie's Colour Silver Shampoo (£5.29), which adds a hint of violet to neutralise the yellow.
Volume and va va voom
Changes in the density of the hair and less protein in your greying locks means some women are faced with finer hair and a thinning look. Add volume with a thickening shampoo like Aveda's Pure Abundance Volumising Shampoo (£17) or James Brown's more affordable Volume Boost Shampoo (£6) which smoothes while it lifts.

And don't forget, your cut can make a world of difference to both your look and your confidence. If the long luscious locks are now limp and lacklustre, go for a sharp and chic bob or shorter do and make a silver statement.
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