The best dishwasher tablets revealed - but are they good value?

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Which? reckons you can save more than £100 per year by switching dishwasher tablets - which won't shortchange you on performance. Which? compared own-label dishwasher tablets from Lidl and Aldi with branded ones from Persil and Finish. Yet the own-brand options cleaned up, beating key rivals on cleaning power while costing up to four times less. A win for cheap washing tablets? %VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%

£146 a year

No. The worst tablets out there (12p per wash) says Which? are Morrisons All in One Original which scored just 36 out of 100 for cleaning power and value. Asda Fresh Burst All in One was also a dismal buy at just 43/100.

The Which? top performer was Fairy Platinum at 84/100 but at a very pricey 40p per wash. To put that in context, use one Fairy Platinum tablet a day and that's £146 a year. Alternatively, snap up Lidl's All in One tablets - which scored 80 out of 100 - at 10p per wash.

That's an annual cost of £36.50 and a saving of £109.50 a year. However, you can wring out dishwasher tablet costs further by buying Lidl's Classic W5 dishwasher tablets at £3.19 for 60.

£19.40 a year

That's just a bit more than 5p a tablet and a cost of around £19.40 a year, if used daily, taking your savings from £109.50 a year to £126.60.

Some of the so-called premium performance tablets that Which? tested did okay. But most lagged behind the performance of the Lidl and Aldi tablets. For example, the Finish Powerball Quantum tablets scored 72/100 compared with Aldi's 77/100 score (Magnum All in One, 10p per wash).

For the green-conscious shopper, Which? tested Ecover's All-in-One tablets - but performance disappointed. "They aren't tough enough on most everyday stains and you'll notice a film building up over time. At 24p per wash, they're also more expensive than any of the supermarket own brands."

Posh tablets don't cut it

The poor performance from Waitrose's Optimum Performance tablets surprised - just 47 out of 100, way behind the Aldi-Lidl cheapies and Tesco's 5 in 1 Lemon (60 out of 100).

So, on the value-performance front, Lidl's W5 All in 1 cleans up Which? says: "Brilliant at cleaning all types of stains, including milk, tea, starch and egg yolk. They will consistently clear baked-on food and tea stains – and for a great price."

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