Newlyweds choose Mercedes Unimog for honeymoon round-the-world trip


If you're planning on touring the world by car, you need a vehicle that's up to the task. Newlyweds Jennifer and Peter Glas are obviously taking no chances, opting for perhaps the most accomplished off-roader available, the Mercedes Unimog.> "If a vehicle is to take us to the roof of the world, it has to be a Unimog," said the pair about their beloved truck, which they have christened 'Glaarkshouse' – an amalgamation of 'Glas' and 'Parks', Jennifer's maiden name.

Converting the rear of the vehicle into a mobile camper, complete with solar panels and sanitary area, the couple's Unimog U 300 L really is the ideal home from home.

Fully laden with a staggering 540 litres of diesel and 180 litres of fresh water, the enormous Unimog weighs around seven tonnes – or the same as a small battle tank.

Despite this, thanks to a plethora of locking differentials and impressive amounts of axle articulation, not to mention huge, knobbly tyres, the Unimog remains safe and secure, even in terrain that would see a Land Rover Defender quivering with fear.


Starting their epic voyage in April last year in South East Europe, the couple travelled into the Middle East, into Iran. Currently in India, the explorers will soon be sampling the delights of Nepal, China and Mongolia.

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