Money worries forcing couples to cohabit

Caroline Cassidy
Couples cohabiting because of financial pressures
Couples cohabiting because of financial pressures

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For most couples, moving in together is the next exciting step in the relationship, but for others, sharing a home is a matter of necessity rather than desire.

According to a poll of 2,000 adults aged between 25 and 34, 50 per cent of couples moved in together simply because their financial situation made it the sensible option.

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The survey suggests that more than two million Brits moved in with their partner sooner than anticipated, some within only a month of their first date. One in 12 confessed they had bought a property with their other half just six months into the relationship.

Price comparison site, which conducted the poll, said three years and four months was the average time it typically takes for a couple to take the property market plunge. But money worries and the rising cost of mortgages, housing and living, means many just can't afford to go it alone.

A quarter of those quizzed said they felt compelled to live together, having decided that buying separately was not an option. Only three per cent blamed the peer pressure of having friends who were already cohabiting.

For the older generation, however, buying a house with their significant other was something that took time, with more than one in eight of over-55s saying it took more than ten years to move in together.
Gareth Lane, head of home insurance at, told the Daily Mail: "The research clearly shows that living together is a popular choice for many couples, with practicality seeming to be a key driving force behind the decision. Many people appear to be moving in with their partners sooner than they anticipated to help with the costs of living and future financial plans."

Mr Lane added: "If people do decide to live together they must think of all the financial implications. It is important to anyone who rents or buys a property to ensure they take out adequate home insurance cover."

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