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Dear Fixer,
I want to switch my broadband from Utility Warehouse to Sky, which I already use for television.

However, as my wife works from home and needs the internet, I am worried about the switch leaving us - and particularly her - unable to get online.

How can I make sure that we remain connected throughout the switch, which we are making because the service we get from Utility Warehouse at the moment is too weak and slow for our needs? Thank you in advance for your help.

D Pratap, Bradford

Dear Mr Pratap,

The good news is that switching broadband provider has become much simpler over the last few years.

Recent Ofcom measures, for example, mean that the provider you are moving to will now lead the transfer on your behalf, rather than leaving you to do all the hard work yourself.

The important thing is to not cancel your current service, but to ask Sky to arrange the switch with Utility Warehouse on your behalf.

The whole process should take about a week, although this can vary. And while some customers experience a few technical teething problems when switching from one provider to another – these should be short-lived.

What's more, there is always the option of asking your provider to give you a free dongle that allows you internet access while the issues are resolved.

Should you encounter any persistent problems, you can also report the company causing the issue to Ofcom.

The Fixer

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