Ferrari California T: A first-person perspective

Ferrari California by Google Glass

In case you'd missed it, Ferrari has revealed a refreshed version of its California convertible, with a decidedly more palatable look and, more importantly, a brand-new turbocharged engine.
The car was unveiled at a typically glitzy event last week at the Casa Natale Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena, where the world's media got the chance to pore over the finer details of the new model.

Normally this results in nothing more than a written report and some fancy pictures. However, Ferrari had the brilliant idea of using Google's new 'Glass' wearable tech, to give fans a more up close and personal experience.

Watch, 'Peep Show' stylee, as the Glass wearer meets sultry-looking PR girls, (rather unnervingly) strokes the engine and finally climbs behind the wheel, giving a glimpse of the revised cabin, with its new 'Turbo Performance Engineer' display between the central air vents.

Click play below to explore the new Ferrari California T from a first-person perspective.

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