Brits become Europe's biggest Ferrari buyers

Caroline Cassidy
Britain becomes Europe's biggest buyer of Ferraris
Britain becomes Europe's biggest buyer of Ferraris

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There aren't many Brits can realistically consider a Ferrari when researching their next motor, but the numbers of those who can is growing, And for the first time, Britain has overtaken Germany to become Europe's biggest buyer of the Italian supercar.

According to the latest figures, a record 677 Brits splashed out on a luxury sports car bearing the famous prancing horse last year, an increase of five per cent on the previous year.

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While that might seem like a small number, British motorists reportedly now account for one in every ten new Ferraris sold worldwide, and we are second only to the USA in the luxury Italian car market.

Ferrari's sales in Germany slipped by 100 deliveries in 2013, a downturn that could be blamed on the current tax clampdown in Italy itself.

Enrico Galliera, commercial director at Ferrari, explained that Italy's wealthy luxury car owners have been "made to feel uncomfortable" by the "fiscal police", causing many to simply ditch their expensive motors. The resulting flood of secondhand sports cars entering Germany has meant fewer Germans placed orders for new luxury motors.

Here in the UK, however, the market remains strong, and the upcoming California T convertible Ferrari, described as an "entry-level" car priced at around £155,000, is likely to boost sales further.
Mr Galliera insisted Britain's new status as Europe's biggest buyer of Ferraris is down to the number of petrolheads, telling the Daily Mail: "The UK is the country where there is the highest passion about sports cars."

And for those hoping 2014 could be the year they take home their own Ferrari, he added: "The California is very successful because it is very sporty with an elegant line. It is a car that can be used every day, that is less flashy and extreme."

Ferrari was yesterday named the world's most powerful brand in the annual Brand Finance survey.

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