Ex-soldier turns to Twitter in search of chauffeur work

An ex-serviceman has been praised for his entrepreneurial spirit and tenacity after using the social media website to branch out and look for work following a recent bout of unemployment.
Carl Randell-Eyre (Twitter handle @BigBearF1), a former senior vehicle and aircraft recovery specialist in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, has struggled to find work since a local chauffeur firm changed contracts, forcing him to leave.

Since then, the 6'4", 22-stone ex-soldier has taken to Twitter to appeal to his 8,479 followers for assistance in looking for a driving job.

"I was working until last September where I was a company chauffeur for a local firm, but due to a change of contract I was forced to leave and have been out of work since September 1," Carl told AOL Cars.

"Things are very tight at home now and I have had to sell my car to pay bills, so I only have my beloved VW T4 campervan to commute in," he added.

Carl has amassed an army of followers on Twitter, all of whom have been bowled over by his charm and determination. One Twitter user responded to a Tweet, saying: "If Twitter ever results in a job for someone, I bloomin' hope it's @BigBearF1. The man's an example to us all in determination."

Examples of his social media appeals range from a simple call for help, such as: "Has anyone got any contacts in the corporate chauffeur world that would possibly employ an ex squaddie in Somerset area?" to clever, 145 character personal biographies, such as: "I'm no rocket scientist but I'm a man who's extremely skilled in what I do and loyal to those around me!" The Tweet was accompanied by an image of his armed forces medals.

"Due to injury, I am ideally looking to become a corporate or family chauffeur so that all my skills can be brought into one job and I'll be able to lengthen my working life without destroying my knee anymore than it is already," he told AOL Cars.

"This isn't easy at all and I would rather be back in battle than have to go through this, but I have to do everything to keep this roof above my family's head and not lose everything," he added.

So far, his Twitter appeals have lead to a few opportunities but none have panned out. "I have had an outstanding response on twitter and I'm extremely humbled by the support I'm being given and words of encouragement," he said.

Do you know anyone who could help an ex-serviceman looking for work? Get in touch with Carl on Twitter by heading to his page.
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