Truck transporting gas canisters explodes in Russia

A flatbed truck transporting fully laden gas tanks has been captured on film careering into a bus and explosively spilling its load across a busy Russian motorway.
The footage, which was captured by a dash-cam mounted to a car following the truck, shows the precariously laden HGV speeding along an outside lane before the driver fails to react to a bus that is slowing down ahead.

Not surprisingly, the truck driver has no chance of avoiding the slow moving vehicle and ploughs straight into the back of it. The result is a major smash that sends gas canisters flying onto the carriageway before a spark ignites the highly flammable load, creating an enormous explosion.

It appears the truck driver escapes from the blaze, as a figure can be seen racing away from the cab towards the hard shoulder at around 20 seconds into the video.

The gas canisters continue to explode for a further few minutes, sending debris flying onto the opposite side of the motorway, before a police car arrives at the scene.

The officer soon realises the fireball hasn't quite finished spewing out molten metal missiles and is forced to reverse their squad car down the road in order to avoid the deadly projectiles.

According to reports, no other passengers or passers-by were injured in the accident.

Click play below and watch the incident unfold

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