Paraglider and easyJet plane in near miss

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easyjet plane and paralider in near miss
easyjet plane and paralider in near miss

A passenger plane narrowly missed crashing into a motorised paraglider by 150ft as it came to land.

The pilot of the easyJet plane saw the parachute canopy flash by the cockpit at 2,000ft.

According to the Sunday Mirror, he told air traffic control: "We've just had some kind of a paraglider passing very, very close to our left-hand side."

A UK Airprox Board report found that traffic controllers were unable to warn the pilot as the radar cannot pick up paragliders because they travel too slow.

The Daily Mail reports that an investigation was launched to crack down on untrained paragliders buying kits on the internet.

In January, a passenger plane was involved in a near-miss with a UFO while flying near Heathrow Airport.

The pilot of the jet reported a 'rugby-ball'-shaped UFO passing within a few feet of the plane.

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