Video: To the Flatmobile!


There's nothing like arriving in a low-slung two-seater to really make an entrance. But sports car owners should beware, they're likely to be completely upstaged should the Flatmobile pull up beside them.
Once the World's lowest car, this homemade creation just stands just 19 inches tall. Despite this, it is completely road legal and has space (ish) for both a driver and one passenger.

The car is the brainchild of Aylesbury local Perry Watkins, a man with a history of creating unique one-off vehicles, who used his creation to pay homage to the Batman TV show of the 1960s.

As such, Watkins' 'Flatmobile' (see what he did there?) features bodywork similar to the iconic Batmobile and even has a working jet engine, which we're sure his local constabulary just love.

The car is based on another icon from the era, the Hillman Imp, which was chosen for its squat dimensions. Watkins himself describes the car as difficult to drive, but adds that he "loves it".

Click play below to watch the Flatmobile in action.

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