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Dear Fixer,

Last December, I asked my landlady to order me a new mattress, which she did so from a company called Mattressonline.

I work Monday to Friday, so she paid extra for the mattress to be delivered on a Saturday. However, it never arrived, despite me waiting in until after 6pm.

I called Mattressonline several times during the day and it told me to simply keep waiting as it could not tell me when the mattress would arrive.

And when my landlady contacted the company to try to arrange a new delivery date after a planned overseas trip, it said that it could not keep it for the two weeks we were unable to take delivery.

She cancelled her order as a result, and got a mattress from another company. However, Mattressonline insisted on charging her £42 for the initial delivery - even though it never took place.

It also suggested she charge me that amount, and even implied I was lying about being in on the day in question, despite my phone bills show all the calls I made to the company to find out what was happening.

Now, my landlady has received a call from the delivery company involved saying that it has received a claim from Mattressonline in relation to my failed delivery.

So that means they are claiming money back from the delivery firm as well as charging her. Mattressonline refuses to discuss the case any further. What can I do?

H Sharpe, London

Dear Miss Sharpe,

Mattressonline continues to refuse to refund the £40 delivery charge. The next step is therefore to take the case to the Furniture Ombudsman.

I have spoken to it about your case and it has said that, although the law is quite vague regarding disputes over deliveries of this kind, the retailer does have a responsibility to act reasonably and the fact that you have evidence of calls made on the day will help your case.

The fact that Mattressonline is making a claim against the external delivery company involved may also prove useful

My advice would therefore be to fill in the complaint form on its website including all these details. The case should then take about a month to be reviewed.

The Fixer

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