Half of young men would ignore a stranded female motorist

Caroline Cassidy
Most men wouldn't help a woman with a flat tyre
Most men wouldn't help a woman with a flat tyre

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There was a time when men would not have thought twice about stopping to help a damsel in distress, but it seems roadside chivalry is well and truly on the way out.

According to a new poll of 1,600 men, 52 per cent confessed they would drive straight by a woman stranded with a flat tyre, even though they were wracked with guilt about their actions.

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Younger men were found to be the least likely to stop and assist, with only 31 per cent of 18 to 34-year-olds saying they would pull over to help a woman with a puncture.

But rather than merely refusing to help, many of the younger generation were simply too clueless about car maintenance to be of any assistance, the survey found, perhaps because of the growing numbers of cars with run flat tyres on the market.

Phil Pickering, of Micheldever Tyres, which carried out the poll, urged modern men to at least call a local garage advising of the woman's location, insisting: "Most garages will oblige and attend."
According to the Daily Express, a separate survey also highlighted the demise of chivalry amongst modern chaps, with only on in seven saying they would offer their bus or train seat up to a woman, and a third confessing they would not help a mum struggling with a pram, for fear that the woman in question would feel "patronised".

But their fears may be unfounded - only one in 25 women polled said they would take offence at a chivalrous gesture.

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