British couple receive £13k payout after horror hotel sickness bug on Turkey holiday

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A couple from Edinburgh have received a £13k payout after developing a severe sickness bug on a holiday from hell in Turkey.

Scott and Katrine Ferguson both fell ill while staying at the Holiday Village resort in Sarigerme, Turkey, which they visited in 2009 with their children, Thomas and Taylor, then eight and five.

They paid £3000 for their holiday, and received £6,400 each in compensation after they both fell ill.

The hotel had received hundreds of complaints about guests falling ill there, and even featured on BBC's Watchdog.

Holidaymakers told of horror stories, like poo in the swimming pool and undercooked food.

Katrina told the Edinburgh News: "My husband got unwell first, then me. I was in excruciating pain – I couldn't leave the room.

"When we asked reception for a pharmacy they said they hadn't heard of any other guests being unwell. I just thought we were unlucky.

"Then I came home and saw Watchdog saying they'd had a lot of problems.

"I phoned up and I was told there were hundreds of other cases. I'd never had an upset stomach in my life until that holiday and I've never been right since.

"Even after the money, I wish I'd never gone."

The couple's payment was part of a £1.7 million settlement at the High Court in London, which First Choice Holidays and Flights Ltd was was ordered to pay up following more than 400 holidaymakers suffering gastric illness at the hotel.

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