Thrifty Brits opt for cheap Valentine's date

Caroline Cassidy
Thrifty Brits don't spend on Valentine's Day
Thrifty Brits don't spend on Valentine's Day

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It is traditionally the day when men and women across the country show that special someone how much they care with a sentimental gift or dinner for two, but a new survey has revealed that for many Brits, some of the romance has gone out of Valentine's Day.

According to the poll of 2,000 adults, conducted by Give As You Live and, Britons are keeping a close eye on their cash this Valentine's, with a quarter spending £20 or less on a show of love for their partner.

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And for an unlucky third of the population, there will be no gift at all, as one in three refuse to splash out.

Of those that were planning to buy a gift, 45 per cent were last-minute shoppers, only hitting the stores the day before or even on the way to see their loved one.
Even a romantic dinner for two is proving a cheap date these days, with 92 per cent of Brits insisting there is no shame in whipping out a discount voucher. In fact, one in ten of those surveyed confessed that a money-saving date who produced a voucher to keep the cost of dinner down made them more attractive.

But thrifty Brits should beware - a discounted date isn't always the best option. Some 19 per cent of women believed money-saving measures should not be used until the fifth date, while more than a third of 18 to 24-year-olds said using a voucher on the first date was a total turn-off.

Will you be splashing the cash this Valentine's Day, or going for a cheap date? Leave your comments below...