Video: Drunk woman handcuffed and flight diverted after she 'makes sexual advances'

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A woman had to be restrained and a flight diverted after becoming enraged when her drunken sexual advances on another passenger were rebuffed.

The woman on the Delta Airlines flight from Baltimore-Washington International Airport bound for Salt Lake City had to be handcuffed by staff until the place could land at Minneapolis-Saint Paul.

The incident occurred on Friday evening and the woman was removed from the plane by police.

Two videos were uploaded on YouTube, one showing the woman shouting expletives at staff after being handcuffed (below), and another showing her more subdued while being led away by police (above).

Patrick Hogan, spokesman for the airport told the Salt Lake City Tribune that the woman was "very intoxicated" and was "grabbing at passengers," but did not elaborate further.

According to the Daily Mail, the passenger who uploaded the video clip said the woman made sexual advances towards a man, and raised her fist at him when he refused.

After the woman was removed at around 8pm, the aircraft and its 132 passengers continued on safely to Salt Lake City.

The woman could be looking at federal charges as the alleged disturbance occurred while the plane was in flight.

Hogan said Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport will not press charges, but the TSA and FBI are investigating.

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