Video: Man knocked off his feet by huge wall of snow from plough


The unfortunate moment a passerby gets covered by a massive wall of snow from a speeding snow plough has been caught on CCTV.

The snow plough pushes a huge wall of muddy snow into the air and knocks the man completely off his feet.

The incident was caught on camera by the JM Legend Auto Group car dealership, whose employees arrived at work to find a broken glass door and snow inside.

The owner of the company wrote: "We caught on camera a snow plough nailing this guy in front of our auto showroom. It's epic! As we looked at the camera footage we see at 5:17am this poor man walking down Coney Island Ave in Brooklyn when a snow plough comes barrelling down the street pushing a WALL of SNOW at this poor guy. They got him good."

Seemingly unperturbed, the man gets up, dusts himself off and continues on his way.

One user wrote on YouTube: "This guy got a nice shower in the early am! What a terrible way to start the morning", while another wrote: "What's amazing is he popped right back up."

And one joker wrote: "Ice to see you."

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