Video: Bus surrounded by 10ft wall of sea foam in Cornwall

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Bus passengers experienced a ride with a difference on Thursday morning when their vehicle became swamped by a 10ft wall of sea foam.

Storms in the last few days whipped up the foam, which was then blown onto the coastal road near Poldhu Beach, Cornwall.

Art student Rosie Lowe, 19, managed to catch the scene on her mobile, and told the Metro: 'We occasionally see foam washed up onto the shore but I've never seen anything like this before."

Not only did the froth look a little scary, it also seeped through the doors and left the bus stinking of fish.

Rosie told the West Briton: "The foam reached right up to the windows. It was wobbling like a giant jelly. The driver just ploughed straight through.

"The bus smelt like fish for the rest of the journey."

According to the Daily Telegraph, sea foam forms when water containing algae is agitated by wind and waves.

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